Panorama Chamber Christmas Concert

We felt so happy back on the Plaza Del Valle stage for the 2016 Panorama Chamber Christmas Concert. Thank you Saúl Mejía for presenting us awards from the City Of Los Angeles and the California State Senate. It’s an honor and we are proud of it. Photos by Jose Valle. We shot some VR footage which might show up in an upcoming post.


Maximum Creations Blog Features Snowflakes

We’re so pleased Maximum Creations has featured us on the entertainment section of their blog. Wohoo!

Snowflakes performs with Once Upon A Time:Rock Opera at ComiCon 2016

We were excited to serve as the live “orchestra” at ComiCon 2016 in San Diego for a multimedia screening of Once Upon A Time: Rock Opera for which Martin produced the music. Once is a feature length rock opera parody of the ABC television series Once Upon A Time. Natasha kicked ass learned all the cues and bass parts.

Cinco de Mayo photos by Jose Valle

Photographer Jose Valle captured wonderful images at the Cinco de Mayo festival performance. Thank you for the flurry of great pics.

Long Beach Carnevale 2016

Carnevale is a European costume festival. Long Beach has its very own Carnevale with amazing costumes and many photographers to capture them. We enjoyed rocking the stage and then donning costumes to join in on the masked fun.

Thank you Gary Parsons for these photos:

Live at The Egyptian Theater – Movie Premiere

It was an honor to perform in the historic Epyptian Theater in Hollywood, CA at the premiere of Once Upon A Time: Rock Opera for which Martin produced the music. Guest drummer Scott Shelko rawked it hard. Special thank you to director/star Erin Stegeman Marrero.  Photos by Dan Kennedy.

Snowflakes live at the Egyptian Theater premier of Once Upon A Time: Rock Opera in Hollywood, CA. Natasha Blasick, Scott Shelko, Martin Blasick

We walked the red carpet and played in the theater before the show. Here’s a gallery of pics before and during the performance.

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Snowflakes On TV

Snowflakes members are proud to lend our talents as part of the house band for Highway To Hollywood, a pilot for a TV talk show. Martin is the MD (musical director). It was great fun to shoot the show. It’s all done in a giant green screen studio at LA Castle Studios. Martin wrote the song. Natasha is on bass. Kerry Crutchfield is on drums. George G. Woo is on keyboards. This group is officially known as Martin Blasick And The Highway To Hollywood Band.

Live At Cork Lounge

We played an unexpected set at Cork Lounge. It was a thrill to play with Natasha’s sister, Marina, in attendance. We’d just recorded a version of INXS’s “Beautiful Girl” with Marina on lead vocals. We found ourselves really enjoying the music and getting back up on stage.

Snowflakes Live At Cork Lounge
Snowflakes Live At Cork Lounge

Photo Shoot With David Florez

Snowflakes had a super fun shoot with photographer David Florez a couple of weeks ago at Hansen Dam in Lake View Terrace in the north part of the valley. We hadn’t been there before. It’s nearly a mile to walk down a perfectly straight walkway to get to the dam carrying our guitars and outfits. It was so worth it!! Great location idea on David’s part. The shoot was super fun. And a ranger gave us a ride back in the bed of his orange pickup truck. A vendor squeezes fresh orange juice at the entrance. Great pics and a fun sunshine filled morning.

Snowflakes Atop Hansen Dam
Snowflakes Atop Hansen Dam. photo by David Florez