Snowflakes is the Los Angeles pop duo of Martin Blasick on guitar and vocals and Natasha Blasick on bass guitar. Formed in 2013, the group celebrates its values of love, positivity and environmental awareness. Gracing the stages of L.A., Snowflakes are sharing their music with friends and earning new fans with each show.

Martin is a songwriter/producer with many credits in TV and film including “Ladies Of Tampa” written with and performed by Matthew McConaughey in Steven Soderberg’s film Magic Mike. Lindsey Lohan sang Martin’s “Don’t Move On” onscreen in the Disney film Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen. A rock artist at heart, writing songs for Snowflakes and taking it on stage with a red hot guitar and amp is, for Martin, living the  dream.

Besides playing bass, Natasha is an accomplished actress with starring roles in numerous movies including Death Of Evil, Paranoid Activity 2 and Notes From The World. Natasha is also an electronica artist with an EP, Live In Your World, available digitally. Learning to play bass to form Snowflakes, Natasha embodies the sharing, social aspects of music. Her live performances engage and charm audiences with her authentic love of connecting with people.

The music of Snowflakes is rock and roll influenced by bands from the entire rock era. There’s the new wave of Blondie, the abandon of Foo Fighters, the pop of The Killers and the song craft of Green Day. There’s a healthy respect for rock’s cornerstones – The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. And there’s a love of today’s hit music – from Lady Gaga to Rihanna. It’s performed live in a classic power trio setting of guitar, bass and drums.

Snowflakes wants to share happy times and hip shaking dances while saving the world by spreading the message of environmental responsibility.

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