Earth Air Fire Water

In honor of Earth Day 2015, we’re releasing our newest song, Earth Air Fire Water.


Beautiful Girl (feat. Marina Babenko)

The very first Snowflakes song available on iTunes has just gone live. It’s a cover of INXS’ Beautiful Girl featuring Marina Babenko on vocals. While we work on our album, we were blessed with a visit from Marina, Natasha’s sister. Marina was practicing the guitar and mentioned Beautiful Girl was a song she’d like to learn. It was a magical evening. The track was done that night and the vocals were tracked the next day. We all had a wonderful experience, and wanted to share that joy. It was an unexpected collaboration that we are glad came to be.

Cover Art for Snowflakes Cover Of Beautiful Girl Feat. Marina Babenko
Cover Art for Snowflakes Cover Of Beautiful Girl Feat. Marina Babenko

Playing on October 13

We love the Phoster app for making gig posters. And we love playing electric shows with Tom Gonzalez on drums. Rock you soon!

Snowflakes Oct 13 Poster
Snowflakes Oct 13 Poster
Set List for Short Set
Set List for Short Set

UPDATE: We didn’t take a single picture last night. How did that happen? It was a fun vibe opening for Eagles tribute group Best Of My Love. We played as a duo because our drummer Tom was too sick to make it out. Usually we go acoustic when it’s just the two of us. But the electric guitar and amp were all rigged up. When the the music starts up, we always have fun with it. There was some creative echo that magically appeared on the vocal. Funny how the echos seemed at least as loud as the original. Funny as in, well, nevermind… It actually was fun making spooky Halloween sounds with it.

Freaky Tiki Beach Party

Pic update: shots from the Freaky Tiki 🙂 Photos by Todd Riffel

We love a Friday night tiki party. We love the movie Freaky Friday. Enter the Freaky Tiki Beach Party. The venue is Raw Star Cafe in Santa Monica. We’ll be alternating sets with Bliss Factory which we’re jamming in too. Lots of playing time and healthy food. Pics will be taken

Freaky Tiki Poster

American Cancer Society Relay For Life

We loved playing for runners circling the track to raise money for cancer research.

Universal Bar & Grill Acoustic Set

Universal Bar & Grill Snowflakes Poster
Universal Bar & Grill Snowflakes Poster

We’re glad to be on the bill at Jonathan Zadok’s Super Rocking Mondae at Universal Bar & Grill. Jonathan hosts an ongoing music and comedy night. Please come out and stay long and support all the wonderful talent.

Update: We had so much fun playing. Thank you to Silke Kindle for these great photos.

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Radio Spin For Snowflakes

Buzz Radio spun What Does Your Heart Say last Sunday. So grateful to DJ Zephyr. It’s a neat internet radio station out of South Africa. We’re very thrilled about it!! Follow  DJ Zephyr on twitter @terranzephyr



Acoustic Book Signing

Sharing our music celebrating Alanna Zabel’s new book As I Am. Acoustic Snowflakes and some Native American Flute meditation by Martin


Photo Shoot With David Florez

Snowflakes had a super fun shoot with photographer David Florez a couple of weeks ago at Hansen Dam in Lake View Terrace in the north part of the valley. We hadn’t been there before. It’s nearly a mile to walk down a perfectly straight walkway to get to the dam carrying our guitars and outfits. It was so worth it!! Great location idea on David’s part. The shoot was super fun. And a ranger gave us a ride back in the bed of his orange pickup truck. A vendor squeezes fresh orange juice at the entrance. Great pics and a fun sunshine filled morning.

Snowflakes Atop Hansen Dam
Snowflakes Atop Hansen Dam. photo by David Florez

Photo Shoot With George DeLoache

We had the pleasure of shooting with photographer George DeLoache and his team.Marie Photographyy assisted and Rachel Dawkins did hair & makedup. We love this incredible photo!

Snowflakes. Photo by George DeLoache
Snowflakes. Photo by George DeLoache