Live Interview on Sheena Metal’s Music Highway

We’re thrilled to have an upcoming appearance on Music Highway, the radio show hosted by Sheena Metal. Live broadcast on May 18 3pm-5pm PST. It will be available for streaming afterward. Huge thanks to Corby Waste for making this happen and for creating this awesome artwork. Woot. We LOVE it!!

Artwork by Corby Waste, Snowflakes photo by George DeLoache
Artwork by Corby Waste, Snowflakes photo by George DeLoache

Cosmic Truth spinning Earth Air Fire Water

Thank you to Cosmic Truth with Janine Regan-Sinclair and Patti Negri for spinning Earth Air Fire Water on the Mother Earth Healing episode 35. Hearing it on air as I write this. So wonderful to have our environmental message alongside such a wonderful message about our beautiful Earth.

Natasha Radio Interview – Francy And Friends

Natasha was live on Francy And Friends on Sunday, April 20, 2014 8pm PST. Francy And Friends is a radio show netcast on They talked and talked and had a lot of fun.

Here Is The Link


Radio Spin For Snowflakes

Buzz Radio spun What Does Your Heart Say last Sunday. So grateful to DJ Zephyr. It’s a neat internet radio station out of South Africa. We’re very thrilled about it!! Follow  DJ Zephyr on twitter @terranzephyr