Daisy Rock Girl Guitars Welcomes Natasha Blasick to its Artist Roster

Daisy Rock Guitars has officially welcomed Natasha as a Daisy Rock artist. Here is the PRESS RELEASE.

Tish Ciravolo, President and Founder of Daisy Rock Girl Guitars said this:

“I love Natasha’s sound on Snowflakes. The bass moves me in a very minor key way. It’s haunting and speaks reality. You may ask yourself, “What can’t Natasha do?”  I know we did–she’s beautiful and an actress and blah, blah, blah… The thing that is super cool about this chick is her bass playing–pulsing, emotional, simplistic and catchy. Love your sound, Natasha. Positive, inviting, loving is what your heart is saying, with your Butterfly bass. Welcome!”


Photo Shoot With David Florez

Snowflakes had a super fun shoot with photographer David Florez a couple of weeks ago at Hansen Dam in Lake View Terrace in the north part of the valley. We hadn’t been there before. It’s nearly a mile to walk down a perfectly straight walkway to get to the dam carrying our guitars and outfits. It was so worth it!! Great location idea on David’s part. The shoot was super fun. And a ranger gave us a ride back in the bed of his orange pickup truck. A vendor squeezes fresh orange juice at the entrance. Great pics and a fun sunshine filled morning.

Snowflakes Atop Hansen Dam
Snowflakes Atop Hansen Dam. photo by David Florez

Photo Shoot With George DeLoache

We had the pleasure of shooting with photographer George DeLoache and his team.Marie Photographyy assisted and Rachel Dawkins did hair & makedup. We love this incredible photo!

Snowflakes. Photo by George DeLoache
Snowflakes. Photo by George DeLoache